How We Support Our Customers

Enterprise Product Support

Cylance Support with Community is a free, 24/7 online resource where our enterprise customers are invited to collaborate directly with Cylance as well as other security professionals to optimize their endpoint protection.

Connect with Cylance product and support team members, search the knowledge base, and submit support requests.

Visit support for a tour of our Enterprise Support Site with Community.

Consumer Product Support

Online support is available anytime, anywhere to submit requests for support, search the knowledge base, make direct contact with Cylance support, and to get help installing and using CylancePROTECT Home Edition.

Visit Cylance for a tour of our Consumer Support Site.

Service Level Agreements

Learn more about our Service Level Agreements (SLAs), customer response windows, and the terms of our Product Support SLA coverage.

Read Support SLA Overview

Cylance Support Community

If you have chosen not to purchase a commercial support contract with Cylance, we encourage you to engage with our online Cylance support community, a powerful resource for help, advice, and best practices.

Please note: Our community support has no SLAs, so there are no standard response windows or expectations.

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