Identify Critical Unknowns in Your System

Designed to help organizations discover critical unknowns which may be lurking in their systems, ThreatZERO + Compromise Prevention Assessment Services can help you identify undetected compromises, stolen or misused user credentials, and other potentially unwanted programs that may have been used maliciously on your network. Cylance® Consulting can help you improve efficiencies and mitigate risks immediately.

Maintain your ThreatZERO Status

As a CylancePROTECT client with ThreatZERO Consulting, your organization is brought to a zero-threat level, but as endpoints are added, new features are rolled out, or new agent versions are released, your status may become degraded. Designed as an ongoing care strategy, the ThreatZERO Prevention Assurance assesses and remediates issues as they arise and ensures maximum security and continued return on investment.

On-site Resident Experts

Have a high-profile environment that requires rapid incident response and containment? ThreatZERO + Resident Expert Services provides a solution. A CylancePROTECT Resident Expert is your dedicated, on-site administrator and liaison to support your unique security requirements. This low-cost solution adds staff during setup to get your systems up and running quickly and helps shut down critical incidents in less time.

Achieve Greater Situational Awareness

With the increasing use of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms, enterprises are achieving greater situational awareness. This requires the integration of multiple security and administrative solutions in order to provide the most accurate and actionable information for analysts within the enterprise. SIEM Services provides three levels of integration to help with data source setup, in-depth integration, and custom development of correlation and setup.

Improve Operational Efficiencies with Training

Cylance Consulting supports your team with ThreatZERO Training, helping your organization create effective custom policies and alert workflows for your environment. Training covers a dashboard overview, protection, zones, devices, settings and policies as well as agent overview, logs, installation and troubleshooting. Contact us for details.

Consulting Resources

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