Protecting ICS Assets

Today's threat landscape is more sophisticated than ever and it is critical that network operators develop robust security plans that address every stage of the security lifecycle. Cylance Consulting's Industrial Control Systems Team is here to help your organization identify components on corporate and ICS networks as well as their vulnerabilities and will document mitigation strategies, detection mechanisms, testing procedures and incident response and containment processes. Our world-renowned subject matter experts work synergistically across our practice areas to offer you the best solutions.

Reduce Business Risk

Understanding your critical assets, attack surfaces, and business impact can help you establish an ICS risk profile for your business. Cylance Consulting’s approach is dual pronged and focuses on both the strategic and tactical initiatives needed to help your organization implement security best practices. We’ll help create a roadmap for improvement that balances risk reduction, the cost to implement, and the value towards security improvement. Contact Cylance Consulting or your technology provider to learn more about an ICS Security Assessment.

Responding To an Attack

For customers who suspect a past or present attack, Cylance Consulting provides Incident Response & Containment for Control Systems to immediately and continuously assess whether the operation is safe to operate and whether operations personnel or public safety are at risk. Using low impact and lightweight tools, consultants will provide investigative support and direction for an organization during an incident. Remediation will be planned and executed by Cylance to ensure the incident comes to a close.

Consulting Resources

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