Evaluate Your Ability to Respond

Gain peace of mind knowing that your organization is prepared for an IT security incident that may come along by working with Cylance Consulting to perform an Incident Readiness Assessment. We will assess your ability to respond to an incident, identify any gaps and then assist with implementing improvements to ensure incidents are efficiently battled if and when they happen. Our experts will customize the best approach for your organization ensuring that this assessment will be effective and not just another security checkbox.

Threat Prevention Using AI

Can you truly answer the question whether your organization has been compromised? Cylance Consulting’s Compromise Prevention Assessment evaluates your organization’s security posture to determine if a security breach has happened or is actively occurring. We determine when, where and how a compromise occurred and provide tactical recommendations for preventing another attack. By directly integrating artificial intelligence into tools and processes, our experts are able to secure your environment while swiftly identifying a current or recent compromise, resulting in a preventative security approach.

Quickly React to an Incident

Cyber attacks can strike at any time without warning and when they do, any delay can result in further harm. Get the security and dedicated response your company deserves. The goal of Cylance Consulting’s Incident Response & Containment Service is to reduce risk and cost to your organization and to restore operations as soon as possible. Whether you need to augment an incident response and containment process that you have in place or to build one, Cylance Consulting is your partner to call. An Incident Response & Containment Retainer enables your organization to get IMMEDIATE access to security experts who will prioritize an effective response under pre-negotiated terms and conditions. Call us today.

Consulting Resources

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