PCI Compliance is not Enough

While PCI-DSS provides a framework for improved payment processing, it has not been sufficient to ensure the security of the modern retail POS system. While some headway has been made with the adoption of EMV technology (chip-and-PIN), full adoption is not expected to take place until 2018. In addition, mobile payments (mPOS) and ecommerce widen the threat window for retailers. Cylance Consulting can help secure your omni-channel environment. Our industry-leading experts, specializing in cardholder data and web application security, mobile device management, and will customize the best approach for your organization.

Complete Solutions

“Despite deploying two well-known, traditional antivirus products, it was only CylancePROTECT® that located and contained the malware that was the source of a breach. We have since made Cylance and their HealthChecks a permanent part of our security process to ensure threats are identified before they execute.” -IT Manager for an International Retailer.

Retailers Held Hostage

Hardly a day goes by without a high-profile ransomware incident locking down data and demanding a ransom from the victim. Retailers offer rich pickings for cybercriminals due to the large amounts of data they process and the large number of endpoints they use. There are several defenses retailers should consider in order to PREVENT ransomware attacks. Cylance Consulting’s Incident Readiness Assessment can help determine your ability to respond to an incident, identify any gaps, and provide recommendations for improvements to ensure incidents are addressed quickly and effectively.

Consulting Resources

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Cylance Consulting Services

Cylance Consulting has the services to help guard against the threats you face:

  • Industrial Control Systems

    Prevent attacks through vulnerable mission control elements of the facility

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  • IoT / Embedded Systems

    Secure IoT and embedded devices as well as associated ecosystems

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  • Red Team Services

    Identify, prioritize and manage risk through assessments and social engineering

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  • Incident Response & Containment and Compromise Assessment

    Determine if a security breach has occurred and address incident response and containment readiness

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  • ThreatZERO

    Go forward knowing current threats to your endpoints have been eliminated

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  • Training

    Attend a variety of security-focused training sessions taught by industry-recognized experts.

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