Defending Industrial Control Systems

Whether your organization needs assistance reviewing a design, selecting a vendor, or building a validation plan, our dedicated team of ICS professionals is here to share their comprehensive knowledge and experience to evaluate and manage risk in your critical infrastructure. Leveraging their backgrounds in control system security research, engineering, implementation, and incident response and containment, the team is extensively familiar with the highly sensitive and fragile nature of control systems and employs passive and non-disruptive techniques to identify the security posture of these systems.

Cybersecurity in ICS

According to research from SANS Institute, four out of 10 industrial control security practitioners lack visibility into their ICS networks — a statistic that becomes even more concerning when one considers that 69% say threats to the ICS systems are high or severe and critical.

Reduce Business Risk

Understanding your critical assets, attack surfaces, and business impact can help you establish an ICS risk profile for your business. Cylance Consulting’s approach is dual pronged and focuses on both the strategic and tactical initiatives needed to help your organization implement security best practices. We’ll help create a roadmap for improvement that balances risk reduction, the cost to implement, and the value towards security improvement. Contact Cylance Consulting or your technology provider to learn more about an ICS Security Assessment.

Consulting Resources

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Cylance Consulting Services

Cylance Consulting has the services to help guard against the threats you face:

  • Industrial Control Systems

    Prevent attacks through vulnerable mission control elements of the facility

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  • IoT / Embedded Systems

    Secure IoT and embedded devices as well as associated ecosystems

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  • Red Team Services

    Identify, prioritize and manage risk through assessments and social engineering

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  • Incident Response & Containment and Compromise Assessment

    Determine if a security breach has occurred and address incident response and containment readiness

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  • ThreatZERO

    Go forward knowing current threats to your endpoints have been eliminated

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  • Training

    Attend a variety of security-focused training sessions taught by industry-recognized experts

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