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Government Agencies are Prized Targets

For attackers who dare, no target is more prized than government agencies. Elite cyber-teams execute relentless state-sponsored attacks, resulting in massive data reached and compromised systems. Hardening government assets to thwart cyberattacks requires a new, artificial intelligence based model of threat prevention.
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Predict. Prevent. PROTECT.

Stop merely detecting attacks on government infrastructure, prevent them. CylancePROTECT is the only endpoint solution to block threats in real time BEFORE they cause harm.

  • Protect More

    Stay protected from threats, known and unknown, with our artificial intelligence model for prevention.100% Pre-execution. 100% Predictive. Zero reputation lookups. If you are relying on detect and respond solutions, it’s already too late. Prevention is everything.

  • Impact Less

    Boost your organization’s IT resources and reduce endpoint security products. We use very little memory, less than 1% of CPU overhead and require no cloud connection or signature updates. Saving you time, money and resources.

  • Stay Flexible

    Seamless and silent prevention, that secures your infrastructure with one solution that works with Windows and Mac OS, easily integrates into existing security platforms, and is available in OEM and embedded versions for technology partners.

  • How late is too late? White Paper

    Attack detection strategies divided into pre-execution, execution, and post-execution.

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  • Securing Your Organization’s VDI

    VDIs leave organizations vulnerable, unless AI and machine learning protect their endpoints.

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  • Signature Based Malware Detection?

    Why signature and behavioral based anti-malware are no match for next generation adversaries.

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  • Cylance Uses Math To Defeat Malware

    The weaknesses represented by the human factor, and how Cylance uses math to defeat malware.

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  • 2018-08-28

    Cincinnati, OH Conference ICSJWG 2018 Fall Meeting Register Now
  • 2018-10-02

    Alexandria, VA Conference DISA/Joint Service Provider (JSP) Cybersecurity Stand-down Register Now
  • 2018-10-04

    Washington, DC Conference CyberSmoke 2018 Register Now
  • 2018-12-13

    Washington, DC Conference CyberSmoke 2018 Register Now
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