CylanceOPTICS Automate. Detect. Prevent. Use artificial intelligence to detect and prevent widespread security incidents.

Version 2.3 Now Available.
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Improve Security with Existing Resources

  • Reduce Alert Volume

    Drive the noise out of the security stack with AI driven prevention first security solutions.

  • Gain Situational Awareness

    See where attackers are targeting the business and take action to shore up defenses.

  • Relieve the Strain on Security Teams

    Automate incident response and containment to get security teams more time for strategic projects.

New in v2.3 AI Incident Prevention: Powered by machine learning threat detection modules, CylanceOPTICS continuously analyzes changes occurring on each endpoint to uncover and prevent incidents that would evade standard static behavior rules.

Forensic Data Collection: Interact with endpoints to retrieve advanced sets of forensic data, execute scripts, or applications to reduce investigation time of suspicious activities.

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