Transform Your Product with Prediction

By breaking down a single file into millions of data points – and performing this process on millions of files – we’ve built scientific algorithms to predict and prevent malicious vs. benign code. Prediction results in higher detection rates using fewer resources. Cylance partners enjoy the industry’s most advanced anti-malware protection that seamlessly integrates with products, whether on a network, local device, or in the cloud. It doesn’t require signature updates or an Internet connection to provide security in both online and offline environments.


As a data science company with a deep specialization in cybersecurity, Cylance harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to dissect the DNA of malware before it executes


Cylance improves both system and operational performance and runs in almost any environment with minimal resource impact. It’s easy to integrate, manage, and support, reducing your engineering and operational costs


Cylance eliminates the unknown, allowing OEM partners to optimize attack analysis. Threat indicators can be layered in for additional file context, providing superior efficacy while supporting policy decisions


Cylance prevents malware from reaching customers whether they’re online or offline. It secures diverse networks, including medical devices, industrial control systems, aerospace and automotive engineering

OEM Solutions By Industry

  • Security
  • IOT
  • Healthcare Systems and Medical Devices
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Security

    The business of IT security has never been more challenging. Well organized attackers innovate and replicate malicious code faster than legacy approaches like sandboxing and signatures can evolve. One rogue file can bring business to a standstill, damage reputations, and impact customer loyalty.

    Cylance works with leading security vendors to deliver the most advanced and efficient anti-malware protection in the industry. As a Cylance OEM Partner, you harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect threats other solutions miss, and dissect the DNA of malware before it executes. Cylance technology allows you and your customers to identify and stop attacks at previously unachievable rates in both online and offline environments. It also easily integrates within your network to power your security product.

  • IOT

    In the first quarter of 2016, Internet of things (IoT) devices accounted for 69% of new Internet connections. Many of these devices were designed for function, resilience, and redundancy – but not security. This growth, coupled with dramatic improvements in processing power, introduced a greater attack surface for threats to penetrate. Modern cybersecurity must be designed into IoT products to defend against new attack types and threat vectors.

    Cylance achieves this goal through artificial intelligence and machine learning, which uniquely address the challenges of today’s interconnected environments. As security requirements mandate for protection beyond the limitations of signature-based solutions, Cylance OEM Partners are embedding AI technology to secure IoT environments in real time, with no performance downside.

  • Healthcare Systems and Medical Devices

    Manufacturers are making astonishing advancements in medical devices. Remote patient monitoring, diagnostic systems, and medication management systems improve medical care for countless patients in and out of the hospital. As innovative and useful as these products are, they introduce new risks to patient care and data because they often require Internet connectivity.

    Securing medical devices and healthcare networks often goes beyond the scope of traditional signature-based solutions. Because Cylance solutions are autonomous, they don’t rely on cloud connectivity to update or be effective. You can protect devices online, offline, and when intermittently connected.

    Cylance OEM Partners harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and stop malicious files before they execute, effectively securing networks, patients, and their health records.

  • Industrial Control Systems

    Critical infrastructure such as power grids, water treatment plants, and transportation systems provide ample opportunities for cyberattacks. The systems are prime targets for bad actors and nation states intent on doing harm. Industrial control systems (ICS) like these can often be more than 30 - 40 years old, and require anti-malware protection beyond the scope of traditional solutions.

    Integrating Cylance within ICS environments effectively 'designs in' next-generation cybersecurity. Unlike traditional signature-based protection, Cylance’s artificial intelligence and machine learning identifies unknown malware and zero-day threats, securing these critical networks from attack. By stopping threats before they can execute, Cylance OEM Partners secure SCADA, PLC, DCS, and other critical ICS systems while helping organizations achieve significant resource and operational cost savings.

  • Automotive

    If it connects to the Internet, it can be hacked, and automobiles are no exception. By the year 2020, approximately 250 million Internet-linked cars will be on the road worldwide. As more dynamic systems come online and interconnect with user devices, automakers must design cybersecurity into their platforms from the ground-up.

    Cylance is uniquely suited to serve the industry, and is currently working with automakers to identify and shut down threat vectors evading traditional cybersecurity approaches. Because Cylance is autonomous, it provides security in online, offline, or intermittently connected environments.

    Cylance OEM Partners are actively taking advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and prevent threats from reaching the network. As more connected cars and trucks become available to consumers, cybersecurity has never played a more critical role.

  • Aerospace

    Commercial aerospace systems have become increasingly interconnected, enhancing the customer experience while improving airline efficiencies. Wi-Fi networks, in-flight entertainment, and crew and ground management systems can potentially expose airlines and their passengers to new online attack vectors.

    Cylance is especially well-positioned for this environment, successfully working with carriers to protect their systems from outside threats. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, Cylance OEM partners deliver high security at a low impact, protecting airline networks and passenger data without introducing additional technology layers or operational costs. Because Cylance is autonomous, it secures all types of aerospace systems whether online, offline, or intermittently connected.

Partner Benefits

  • Financial Incentives

    Flexible pricing and licensing options aligning to the OEM go-to-market

    Proposal-based Marketing Development Funds (MDF) to enable demand and lead generation

    New lines of subscription revenue based on Cylance capabilities

  • Solution Development and Support

    Access to product and engineering resources including APIs and backline support

    Consultative technical and functional design review

    Roadmap sharing for both Cylance and OEM products

  • Field, Sales, and Marketing Support

    Access to marketing content, sales resources, and solution documentation and sales tools

    Joint opportunity for sponsorship of Cylance events and periodic press releases

    Best practices for demonstrations and evaluations of Cylance technologies

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