Effective Partnerships

Cylance® and our global partners collaborate and innovate to meet our customers’ requirements and expectations. Cylance Global Partners operate in a range of critical capacities, including advisory services, integrated solutions, and interoperable solutions.

The partnership between Cylance and our invitation-only global partners is creating 
more effective, intelligence driven solutions that detect and block cyberthreats across 
the network, in the cloud, or on the device, wherever malware may be present. We enable a variety of strategic service offerings delivered by our skilled and knowledgeable partners leveraging the breadth of Cylance’s artificial intelligence based products. Cylance provides the most advanced and effective threat prevention capability in the industry.

Cylance Product Benefits

AI Driven, Pre-Execution Analysis

Cylance products use the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology instead of relying on signatures, sandboxing, or behavioral heuristics.

Autonomous, Real-time Decisions

There is no longer a need for cloud lookups or sandbox detonation because our products protect in real time without daily updates or an Internet connection.

Rapid and Scalable Solutions

Maintain focus on your core technology while leveraging next-generation endpoint security that executes in less than 100 ms with a modern, multi-threaded engine.

Flexible Deployment Options

Acting as either a replacement for traditional AV or another layer of defense for security, Cylance products can be embedded locally, deployed as a hybrid, or in the cloud.

Why Partner with Cylance?

Cylance values global partnerships and is open to collaboration across technical integration, strategic services, and go-to-market programs. Global partners benefit from Cylance’s deep domain expertise across security, data science, and software development. We have flexible commercial models that align licensing and pricing with our partners to drive mutual success in the market.

Our Global Partners

  • JASK