Smart, Simple Security for SMBs

Cyberattacks Are Increasing. Whether you're a big, small, or medium-sized business, you're a target. Put the pressure on the attacker, not on your security team. Cylance technology predicts and prevents threats before they can execute without straining your limited resources. 

Traditional AV May Leave You Exposed

Costly and demanding signature-based antivirus (AV) often leaves small enterprises vulnerable while straining resources and limiting their agility. Learn how AI based endpoint security helps SMBs identify malware before it can execute. 

Cybersecurity Can Be Headache Free

Simple to Deploy

Cylance solutions provide a predictive, pre-execution defense against new and existing threats. Our AI driven technology is deployed at the endpoint where it silently stops malware attacks with minimal user impact, and without requiring specific security expertise. 

Easy to Manage

CylancePROTECT evaluates objects in less than 100 milliseconds and prevents execution immediately upon detection. Our intuitive cloud-based management console allows you to easily configure/adapt and monitor your protection status, without requiring signatures or a cloud connection.     

Cost-Effective Protection

AI-based protection saves you time and money with no daily scans to bog down performance, or heavy expert requirements to install and maintain the solution. Cylance protection catches threats before they execute and damage or destroy important assets.  

Leave No Gaps in Your Security Approach


CylancePROTECT redefines the capabilities and efficiency of endpoint security. By leveraging data science driven artificial intelligence, malware can be detected and prevented in real time – before it executes to damage your devices or network. 


CylanceOPTICS is AI driven endpoint detection and response. It provides the endpoint visibility necessary for exacting functions including root cause analysis, threat hunting and incident response. 

Cylance Consulting Services

Cylance Consulting Services leverage AI to detect and quarantine threats, eliminate vulnerabilities and ensure environments are in a state of prevention – in a fraction of the time required by other solutions. 

Cylance Smart Antivirus

Cylance Smart Antivirus is the first smart antivirus available to consumers that provides families with the only enterprise-class security software designed for personal use. 

Learn More About Cylance SMB Solutions

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