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Cylance Announces Availability of its Infinity Cloud, Transforming Advanced Threat Detection By Applying Science to Security

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Mathematical Algorithms and Cloud Based Machine Learning Produce Unparalleled Detection Platform

Irvine, CA -- (August 6, 2013)  – Cylance, Inc., a global cybersecurity technology and services company applying science to security, today announced its Infinity Advanced Threat Cloud engine. Infinity Cloud delivers a revolutionary new threat classification model that is scientifically founded while providing simplistic and user friendly detection of the most advanced threats in the world.

As current detection solutions rely on signatures, filters, heuristics, behavior, white lists, and policy management, they simply cannot keep up with the advancing threat landscape. The inability of traditional defenses to quickly adapt and react to attacks continues to leave Enterprises and end users frustrated with their traditional defenses. Additionally, with a primary focus on malware, these technologies are incredibly burdensome to install, configure and manage, particularly while keeping up with signature updates. Cylance Infinity Advanced Threat Cloud was created to address a hard fact: the security industry is at a point where traditional defenses simply miss too many threats present in today's environment.

Advanced threats have quickly become the most apparent flaw in traditional defenses. These attacks use exploits and evasion tactics exposing the most prolific and vulnerable access points into any environment - the endpoints, which have grown exponentially thanks to enterprise mobility and consumerization. Hackers and attackers use malware, but often employ all kinds of access rights, rootkits, and other binaries naturally resident on the endpoint that, while legitimate, may be used for bad purposes. Cylance Infinity is a cloud based, non-signature, non-heuristic and non-behavioral engine that detects and blocks these attacks through advanced mathematical analysis and machine learning of activity and attributes – identifying good from bad and allowing employees to work without overbearing restrictions.

Here's a look at the technology powering Cylance's Infinity Cloud engine:

Infinity Advanced Threat Cloud – Identifying the "bad" requires going beyond looking for modern malware to identifying advanced threats by 'deep interrogation' of the data, allowing true classification of good and bad. Cylance is the first to apply existing principles of algorithmic science (used today in high frequency trading, insurance and pharmaceuticals) to the world of security. Unlike traditional security products, Infinity has the intelligence to attribute features of disparate objects and never before seen elements into data that qualifies that element to a threat or non-threat to an accuracy far greater than what exists today.

CylanceV™ – Created for enterprise Incident Response and Forensics teams as well as IT departments, CylanceV takes the tedium out of tracking down infected computers and determining which machines are compromised. CylanceV empowers anyone to automatically and quickly discover and detect all compromised endpoints while beginning forensic analysis – reporting positive identification of advanced threats and determining what is truly 'good' - removing the labor intensive, time consuming and inexact nature of forensics.

CylanceV Helpdesk™ – Helpdesk and Managed Security Services organizations often use a variety of 'heavyweight' asset inventory and configuration tools to help them remotely detect a compromise as well as diagnose issues on endpoints. By their nature and design, these tools do not detect or address advanced threats. The deployment of CylanceV Helpdesk powers real-time detection and provides quick diagnosis to pinpoint the need for deeper forensic analysis and determine appropriate corrective action on enterprise endpoints.

CylanceV API™ – 3rd party technology and partner integrations utilize the CylanceV APIs to harness the power of Cylance's Infinity Advanced Threat Cloud for heightened accuracy and visibility into threat environments. Security Operations Centers (SOC) often need integration into outside systems to provide quick context to alerts received, providing the details needed to determine a legitimate incident or attack versus a phantom or Red Herring. CylanceV API allows any SOC to harness the power of Cylance's Infinity Advanced Threat Cloud to instantly determine whether a case needs to be opened and processed, saving thousands of dollars every year.

Cylance first released Infinity in June 2013 with its launch of the free, public use beta of PrivateDETECT. This consumer grade endpoint offering uses Infinity to detect and quarantine advanced threats and elements considered 'bad' in real time. It supplements existing anti-virus to provide unparalleled security on the endpoint.

"Just looking for malware in today's advanced threat environment is not sufficient. Said Patrick Heim, Chief Trust Officer at "We know the bad guys have worked around enterprise infrastructure using many different modes of attack. The real impact and cost to us is reducing the noise, getting specific on the exploited endpoints and taking corrective action."

When CylanceV is used in combination with CylanceCOLLECT, information security's easiest evidence collection software, advanced threats can be captured anywhere, by anyone regardless of technical background.

"The security industry has been littered with antiquated solutions that do not solve the core problem. With our technology, we provide a truly revolutionary form of defense," said Stuart McClure, Cylance CEO. "I'm excited to bring our new mathematical mindset to the security market and help customers protect themselves and respond to incidents like never before."

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Cylance is the only company to offer a preventive cybersecurity solution that stops advanced threats and malware at the most vulnerable point: the endpoint. Applying a revolutionary artificial intelligence approach, the Cylance endpoint security solution, CylancePROTECT®, analyzes the DNA of code prior to its execution on the endpoint to find and prevent threats others can’t, while using a fraction of the system resources associated with endpoint antivirus and detect and respond solutions that are deployed in enterprises today. For more information visit:

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