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Cylance announces $15M in funding from Khosla Ventures and Fairhaven Capital; announces Board of Directors and Advisors

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Irvine, CA -- (February 13, 2013)  - Cylance, Inc., a security products and services company dedicated to solving large and complex security challenges, today announced $15 million in funding from recognized leaders in the venture community: Khosla Ventures and Fairhaven Capital, and officially launches its position in the security space. Additionally, Cylance announces its board members and board of advisors, including top talent with backgrounds in government, military, critical infrastructure and private sector to advance their mission to change the way we think about security.

"The time is now to change the paradigm in security. Companies like Cylance know how to solve this problem at its core, and we WILL help them deliver on that vision," said Vinod Khosla, founder of Khosla Ventures and long-time Silicon Valley entrepreneur. "Cylance's executive pedigree has seen it all in the security world and I am confident in their mission to fix the industry's failures as well as protect and empower the world through its top talent, products, services and research."

The $15 million investment will go towards delivering on Cylance's vision of securing the most insecure and defenseless systems in the world, through advanced services and products addressing critical infrastructure and servers, desktops and devices. Cylance believes that if you can secure the very fabric of our culture, critical infrastructure, you can secure anything. "CKIR is more than oil and gas pipelines and chemical transportation, it is finance, banking, telecommunication and healthcare – the very heart of our economy. I could not be more honored to have Khosla Ventures and Fairhaven Capital's support in Cylance's endeavor," said Stuart McClure, CEO/President of Cylance. "As a serial entrepreneur, Vinod understands what it takes to succeed, and as a long time investor in security startups, Fairhaven has become a well-respected security investor. We could not have asked for a stronger team from which to springboard our mission to solving the most intricate security issues."

Along with its investors, Cylance has added three board members, Patrick Heim, former Kaiser Permanente CSO and now Chief Trust Officer at and Retired Admiral William J. Fallon whose experience as Commander U.S. Central Command and Commander U.S. Pacific Command for the Navy; additionally Alex Doll, former CEO of PGP who sold to Symantec in 2011, will round out the board. With this pedigree, Cylance has a deep and diverse board to help guide the Company.

"With Cylance, you have unequaled passion and talent that can change the security landscape," said Ret. Admiral Fallon. "Their deep technical talent and strong executive leadership will ensure their success."

Additionally, Cylance has established a Board of Advisors that bring together diverse industries to solve the complex security problems we as an industry faces. Advisors include: Paul Forney (Invensys), David Willson (Army/NSA), Shane Shook (KPMG/PwC), Robert Bigman (CIA), Stewart Baker (Steptoe/NSA), Alex Nazaruk (GetCo), Michael Rauchman (GetCo), Eric Culp (formerly of ESRI), and Joseph Gabbert (formerly of McAfee and EMC).

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