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Cylance Acquires Web Application Firewall and Honeypot Vendor Ridgeway Internet Security

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Irvine, California -- (October 2, 2012)  – Cylance, Inc., a stealth security company dedicated to solving large and complex security challenges, is announcing today the acquisition of Ridgeway Internet Security, LLC, a computer security software company specializing in advanced web application firewall and honeypot technology. Based in Dallas, TX, Ridgeway will be integrated with Cylance's development team to enhance the Company's mission to pinpoint, prevent and solve security issues at their origin.

Ridgeway has high performance ASP filtering technology that blocks both known and unknown attacks born across the web, preventing hackers from invisibly bypassing the security of web servers. Additionally, the technology can undetectably watch web traffic and pose as a web honeypot that tricks attackers into believing the website is real.

"As former Global CTO for McAfee, I have scoured the world looking for truly unique technologies that solve the security problem at its core – the Ridgeway technology delivers on true intelligence and prevention," said Stuart McClure, CEO and President of Cylance, Inc. "Too many companies solve the symptoms of security rather than the heart of the problem. We simply don't take the web vector of attack seriously enough, and the bad guys know and exploit this fact on a daily basis. I can definitively say that Ridgeway attacks the core in a truly unique way."

"Security is not a simple Windows or Linux or Apple debate, it is an application problem as well," said Derek Soeder, CEO of Ridgeway Internet Security, LLC. "Poorly designed web servers can create a gaping hole into the staunchest of security fortresses. IDS, firewall and IPS technologies can be rendered completely impotent to protection without a deep understanding of these attacks."

Countless attacks from hacker groups such as Anonymous, LulzSec, AntiSec and many others, leverage security weaknesses in a web application's design to gain a foothold in a company and begin the exfiltration process, robbing the company of millions in intellectual property. Operation Night Dragon was the perfect example of this technique where the initial compromise came through the target's website. Ridgeway's technology prevents these vulnerabilities and attacks, and will help Cylance to further advance its technology roadmap and ensure website security for its customers.

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