The Economic Impact of BlackBerry Cylance Security Solutions

Forrester's Total Economic Impact report concludes CylancePROTECT and CylanceOPTICS deliver 99% ROI in three years

Determining the cost of a cybersecurity investment is easy. Calculating its overall value requires deeper analysis. The Forrester Total Economic Impact report provides a model for assessing the potential ROI of investing in BlackBerry Cylance security.
The Customer The Customer The Customer

The Customer

A multi-national manufacturer with $14B in annual revenue, 500 locations and 45,000 endpoints  faced critical security vulnerabilities. Its legacy, signature-based AV solution was powerless against ransomware, provided no EDR, and required tons of resources to stay updated.

BlackBerry Cylance's AI-Based Approach: Smarter Solutions. Better Protection.

Improved threat prevention

Since deploying BlackBerry Cylance solutions, the manufacturer has not experienced any major compromises.

Accelerated threat response and remediation

The manufacturer now has greater insights into threat events, which has helped slash response and restoration times.

Enhanced oversight of software downloads

The manufacturer now enjoys visibility and control over employee software downloads, minimizing risk.

Reduced strain on resources and staff

Without the requirement of a cloud connection, there is no longer a need for daily scans and updates.

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