Industrial Control Systems

Protecting ICS Assets

Today's threat landscape is more sophisticated than ever and it is critical that network operators develop robust security plans that address every stage of the security lifecycle. Cylance Consulting's Industrial Control Systems Team is here to help your organization identify components on corporate and ICS networks as well as their vulnerabilities and will document mitigation strategies, detection mechanisms, testing procedures and incident response processes. Our world-renowned subject matter experts work synergistically across our practice areas to offer you the best solutions.

Responding to an Attack

For customers who suspect a past or present attack, Cylance Consulting provides Incident Response for Control Systems to determine how the attack occurred, what systems were breached, what data may have been exposed and how to prevent such attacks from happening again. Utilizing our proprietary machine learning technology to look for evidence of the attack, Cylance works with you to understand your architecture, make specific design recommendations for mitigation and assists with implementing improvements to ensure incidents are efficiently battled if and when they happen in the future.

Training for ICS Professionals

Cylance Consulting has joined forces with SANS to equip security professionals and control system engineers with the security skills they need to defend critical infrastructure. Our ICS Security Essentials provides hands-on training focused on attacking and defending ICS environments. It is designed to help traditional IT personnel fully understand the design principles underlying control systems and how to support those systems in a manner that ensures availability and integrity. Contact us for course details.

Consulting Resources

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