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Supporting a Safer Healthcare Environment

Healthcare organizations are the target of cybercriminals putting patient, financial and other critical health data in the crossfire due to breaches, malware and denial-of-service attacks. Mobile, IoT and embedded devices also contribute to that risk. By integrating artificial intelligence into tools and processes, our experts are able to secure environments as quickly as possible and maintain a higher level of security through prevention. Schedule a consultation today. Request a Consultation

Targets for Ransomware

Healthcare organizations make good targets for ransomware attacks because they don’t typically have sophisticated backup systems and other resiliency measures like large corporations. Ransomware attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and often begin with an email attachment opened by an unwitting employee. The malicious code crawls through the computer system, encrypting and locking data folders and the computer’s operating system. The cybercriminals demand payment in return for providing the decryption key. Cylance Consulting’s Incident Response Team can work with your organization to rapidly identify and contain the attack as well as provide assistance negotiating with the criminal actors behind the attack. More importantly, we can help PREVENT an attack from happening through our Compromise Prevention Assessments.

Managing Mobile Devices

With an increased reliance on electronic patient records, healthcare providers and professionals are inceasingly using mobile devices in their work. While the requirements of HIPAA are on the minds of every provider, the same consideration may not be given to the devices they are using to access that information. Healthcare organizations must consider how and what mobile devices, including personal devices, are accessing patient data, and must secure those devices. Cylance Consulting offers Mobile Device Risk Assessments and Clinical Information Security Program Development services to help healthcare organizations secure their devices

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IoT and Embedded System Security

As healthcare providers integrate more consumer technologies like wearable or embedded health-monitoring devices as well as operational technologies like pharmacy-dispensing systems into their IT ecosystems, the number of security breaches in these areas will grow. Data stored on these devices can be targeted and widespread disruption of service can occur. Cylance Consulting is available to help your healthcare organization PREVENT attacks through Clinical Application Security Assessments, Security Program Development, Medical Device Risk Assessments, and Incident Response. Learn how we can customize a solution for your organization.

Cylance Consulting Services

Cylance Consulting has the services to help guard against the threats you face:

  • Industrial Control Systems

    Prevent attacks through vulnerable mission control elements of the facility

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  • IoT / Embedded Systems

    Secure IoT and embedded devices as well as associated ecosystems

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  • Red Team Services

    Identify, prioritize and manage risk through assessments and social engineering

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  • Incident Response & Compromise Assessment

    Determine if a security breach has occurred and address incident response readiness

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  • ThreatZERO

    Go forward knowing current threats to your endpoints have been eliminated

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  • Training

    Attend a variety of ICS/SCADA focused training taught by industry-recognized experts

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