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Securing Utilities Against Cyberattacks

Cybersecurity is a serious challenge for the energy sector, impacting national security, public safety and the nation's economy. As attacks grow in sophistication and IT infrastructure becomes more complex, security teams are under more pressure than ever. Protecting the utilities that power our lives has never been more important. Cylance Consulting has one goal in mind – to secure our clients as quickly as possible so they can maintain a higher level of security through PREVENTION. Our world-renowned subject matter experts and industry-recognized professionals work synergistically across our practice areas to offer the best solutions. By directly integrating artificial intelligence into tools and processes, our experts are able to more efficiently and effectively secure your environment. Request a Consultation

Assessing and Monitoring Risk

Today’s cyberthreats are persistent, well organized and constantly evolving. Sophisticated actors can infiltrate an organization’s TCP/IP networks and provide an entry point to sensitive data and control systems. More than any other industry, the energy sector’s aging systems and infrastructure is of serious concern. Cylance Consulting can help. Our Industrial Control Systems Security Team can work with your organization to evaluate, understand and review the security posture of your infrastucture. Our experts are extensively familiar with the highly sensitive and fragile nature of these ecosystems and employ passive and non-invasive techniques to identify the security posture of these systems. We’ll work with your CISO and security team to create a realistic security program that enables you to prepare for any attacks and safeguard your most valuable data and operations.

Managing and Securing Energy Infrastructure

For organizations that suspect a past or present attack, Cylance Consulting’s ICS Infrastructure Assessment and ICS Compromise Assessment determines how the attack occurred, what systems were breached and what data may have been exposed as well as how to prevent such attacks from continuing. Utilizing proprietary artificial intelligence technology to look at critical infrastructure and industrial control devices such as SCADA devices, programmable logic controllers, avionics, robotics, power control substations and others, Cylance Consulting can uncover the coding and infrastructure flaws that inevitably spell disaster and can help mitigate these vulnerabilities.

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ICS Security Training

Ensure the team involved in supporting and defending your industrial control systems is trained to keep the operational environment safe, secure and resilient against current and emerging threats. Cylance Consulting, in conjunction with SANS, offers an ICS Security Essentials course to provide hands-on training focused on attacking and defending ICS environments. This course enables security professionals and control system engineers with the knowledge and skills needed to secure critical infrastructure. Contact us for a course prospectus and registration details.

Cylance Consulting Services

Cylance Consulting has the services to help guard against the threats you face:

  • Industrial Control Systems

    Prevent attacks through vulnerable mission control elements of the facility

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  • IoT / Embedded Systems

    Secure IoT and embedded devices as well as associated ecosystems

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  • Red Team Services

    Identify, prioritize and manage risk through assessments and social engineering

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  • Incident Response & Compromise Assessment

    Determine if a security breach has occurred and address incident response readiness

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  • ThreatZERO

    Go forward knowing current threats to your endpoints have been eliminated

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  • Training

    Attend a variety of ICS/SCADA focused training taught by industry-recognized experts

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