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Experience A Breach?

Confronting Cybersecurity in Connected Classrooms

Educational institutions are entrusted with many different types of data: business, student, employee, donor, research and more. As institutions move away from paper records to electronic data systems and web-based applications, they are more vulnerable to breaches. And schools are not only at risk from outside threats, but also internal users who are unaware of proper security best practices. Let Cylance Consulting help your educational institution move to a state of zero threats. Request a Consultation

Develop an Effective Security Strategy

Statistics show that a lack of security awareness is a frequent cause of data exposure incidents in education. Organizations are decentralized with numerous stakeholders,and have a vast number of varying types of devices accessing data on their networks. Without a proper security management plan, users can unintentionally expose an institution to malware, phishing and other cybersecurity risks. Our Red Team Services experts will assess your ability to respond, identify any gaps, and recommend improvements to ensure incidents are responded to effectively. We will help you ensure your campus is prepared for any IT security incident.

IoT Connected Classrooms

To meet the demand for engaging learning experiences, educational institutions continue to adopt mobile, cloud and digital resources to improve both online and face-to-face learning. This challenges IT staff to find a model that accommodates consumer devices and BYOD with infrastructure openness and security. Let Cylance Consulting help. We can integrate and secure mobile devices on your campus, assess your policies against best practices and review the security configurations of your mobile devices through a Mobile Device & Policy Security Assessment

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The Best Defense Against Ransomware

Ransomware is a category of malicious malware that is becoming increasingly widespread across educational institutions. Campuses have become particularly vulnerable to attack through “spear phishing” where hackers disguise malicious emails with text that is personalized or looks legitimate. Prepare for any IT security incident by working with Cylance Consulting to perform an Incident Readiness Assessment. We'll ensure gaps are identified and will assist with implementing improvements to prevent attacks BEFORE they occur.

Cylance Consulting Services

Cylance Consulting has the services to help guard against the threats you face:

  • Industrial Control Systems

    Prevent attacks through vulnerable mission control elements of the facility

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  • IoT / Embedded Systems

    Secure IoT and embedded devices as well as associated ecosystems

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  • Red Team Services

    Identify, prioritize and manage risk through assessments and social engineering

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  • Incident Response & Compromise Assessment

    Determine if a security breach has occurred and address incident response readiness

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  • ThreatZERO

    Go forward knowing current threats to your endpoints have been eliminated

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  • Training

    Attend a variety of ICS/SCADA focused training taught by industry-recognized experts

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